Next Hopper Talk: Randolph, Vermont

On Thusday, November 29, I’ll be talking about Edward Hopper at First Light Studios in  Randolph, thanks to the kind invitation of Bob and Kathy Eddy. This beautifully renovated space is where the Eddys engage in their own creative pursuits–Kathy, composing music, and Bob, painting and photography. And their excitement in learning about Edward Hopper’s Vermont works is surpassed only by my own!

It’s Bob who took the terrific photos for his book review–“Edward Hopper’s Vermont was the White River Valley”–in last week’s Randolph Herald (and yes, he’s an excellent writer as well).  I’m hoping that on November 29 he’ll add his commentary on Hopper to mine. As an artist and photographer, Bob has much to say about how Hopper translated landscape into paint and paper. It was fascinating to hear his “take” on this when he toured Hopper’s sites with Mike and me a couple of weeks ago.

Come join the discussion, at 7:00 p.m. on November 29, at 34A Pleasant Street in Randolph.

The Herald: Week in Photos 11/08/2012 &emdash; Mike and me at the site where Hopper painted Rain on River (bottom plate) in 1938.
Photo by Bob Eddy for the Randolph Herald.

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