Hopper’s Vermont in Winter

Vermont is having an extraordinarily cold and snowy winter — as is much of the rest of the country this year.  The sites that Edward Hopper painted in South Royalton and environs, in the summers of 1937 and ’38, look quite different in this season. Hopper’s brilliant greens are gone, and the landscape exhibits a subdued palette in shades of white, brown, and grey.  Hopper never saw Vermont in the winter (he disliked cold weather) and he certainly wouldn’t have found our weather conducive to plein air painting!  But I still think of Hopper when we drive along the roads that he frequented, and last week I took a few photos near the places he chose to paint. The site of Route 14, Vermont (1937, private owner)  actually looks more like Hopper’s watercolor right now than it does in summer, as what’s left of the open areas on the hillsides, largely grown in since Hopper’s time, are now highlighted by the snow.  

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