Edward Hopper returns to Vermont: October 26

In the fall of 1938, after more than a month on Wagon Wheels Farm and in the wake of the Great New England Hurricane of September 21, Edward and Josephine Hopper left South Royalton, Vermont, to return to their Cape Cod home. The watercolors that Hopper had made of views along the White River went with them, hastily packed into the trunk of their Buick.

Seventy-four years later, Hopper and his watercolors will return to Vermont via the pages of my new book, Edward Hopper in Vermont, scheduled to be in bookstores throughout the Green Mountain state on October 26.

But you don’t have to be in Vermont to find this Hopper. It will be available nationwide, wherever you buy your books, or you may order it through the University Press of New England.

Nor do you have to be a Vermonter to appreciate Hopper’s Vermont watercolors. Witness the striking image on the book cover, of Hopper’s First Branch of the White River, painted in South Royalton in 1938 and purchased by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston the following year. First Branch is just one of Hopper’s seven views of the river–all reproduced in this volume–that evidence his skill as a painter of pure landscapes.

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5 thoughts on “Edward Hopper returns to Vermont: October 26

  1. I am eager to get my pre-ordered copy of this book.

    Hopper had a unique ability of borrow selectively from the peculiarities of the landscape before him. Like the good painter he was, he almost always managed to come up with something both convincing and surprising at the same time. I’m curious to see what a whole bunch of his Vermont images will look like together.

    • Philip, I’m eager to hear your assessment of these Hoppers, as they comprise a series of works that are distinctive for him. There are also three finished Vermont drawings in the book–including one that’s never been published–that have a similar feel to your own vine charcoals, I think.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Congratulations to you! And Thanks for contacting me. It looks like a beautiful book! I was not aware of these images or trip, so… wow! Hopper always seems to be in the news-doesn’t he?
    I’ll make sure my library here in Nyack purchases a copy… or two. Or you may want to do that. Please contact Brian Jennings: bjennings@ Nyack Lib.org.
    We have extensive holdings on Hopper. I’m sure you’ve already contacted the Hopper House Center here as well. I’ll forward you a link to a short essay /analysis I just completed when it gets published.
    Alison Perry

  3. Bonnie, was just admiring the opening image on your new Hopper/VT website. What a cool idea! And from squinting at the photo I can see there’s some work you’ve included that I’m not familiar with, so now I am really eager to finally get the book. “No Hopper Stone Unturned” Department.

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